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Celebrate a special occasion or just a beautiful, sunny day by filling a picnic basket and heading to the park. Enjoy the old-fashioned simplicity of a picnic with a loved one. Choose a wicker picnic basket with a cotton lining and a handle, or opt for a more modern, insulated, collapsible kind.

They come in many design, including floral prints, plaids, and solid colours. Do not forget extras, such as a waterproof blanket and tableware, to make your picnic picture-perfect.

About Picnic Basket

During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, nothing is better than taking a trip to your local park or beach for a picnic, carrying all of your items in a picnic basket that you've purchased on eBay. Commonly made of wicker, the picnic basket is sturdy enough to hold heavy food items, such as watermelon, pies, and large pitchers of lemonade and iced tea. Unpack all of your neatly organised items from the various compartments, pockets, and pouches once you arrive at the park, and you are ready to eat. The baskets typically feature handles, so you can carry other items too, such as a radio, lawn chair, or ball, so you no longer need to make multiple trips to and from your car. In addition, you can find a picnic basket in many sizes; some are small enough for a simple afternoon tea gathering, and others are large enough for a grand lunch or dinner on the lake with your family and friends. Choose the option that works best for you, and start enjoying the great outdoors.