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About Powakaddy Battery

Many golf enthusiasts view the gear that supports their hobby as an investment, one they are very willing to make. In some cases, their purchases include a Powakaddy golf trolley, outfitted with a Powakaddy battery. The battery-powered unit takes the strain out of moving a heavy golf bag from one area to the next. Like any battery-powered vehicle, a Powakaddy’s battery has a long lifespan; however, through time and use, it begins to wear down, providing shorter and shorter periods of power. At that point owners invest in a new battery in order to keep their golf trolley functioning, being sure to look for a battery that is compatible with their Powakaddy trolley; perhaps also a new charger, especially if the original charger is quite old or is malfunctioning in some way. With a brand new Powakaddy battery and charger purchased on eBay, golf enthusiasts can once again enjoy the convenience and high performance of their Powakaddy golf trolley while enjoying a round of golf on their favourite course.