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About Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are a more permanent solution to those looking for longer hair. Using 100% human hair bonded with keratin, pre-bonded extensions can give a realistic and more natural look than their synthetic counterparts. Pre-bonded hair extensions are sections of hair that have been glued together with an adhesive such as keratin or a plant or petroleum based glue. Remy is a popular brand using 100% real human hair to give a smooth and sleek tangle free hair extension experience. Professional pre-bonded hair extensions such as Remy can last for several months or longer and can often be re-worn. Flexibility and versatility Pre-bonded hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths and colours, so you can mix and match to suit your preferences. Whether it?s a natural or a more attention-grabbing look you want, there is a wide choice to suit any style. Many professional hair salons use pre-bonded hair extensions due to their high quality and versatility as they can be sculpted, permed, dyed or cut to suit your own hair. How to apply pre-bonded hair extensions Once the hair has been sectioned, they can be applied from underneath and fused to the real sections of hair via a hair connector tool. The fused part is then rolled with the fingers and closed tightly, to ensure it stays securely in place. How to remove pre-bonded hair extensions To remove the extensions, 3-4 drops of extension remover should be applied to each section and flat pliers are needed to pinch the fused section of the hair extension, to break the glue. This may need to be done 5 times or so in order to separate the hair extension from the real hair. The hair then needs to be shampooed and combed to remove any excess glue residue.