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Clothing, footwear, luxurious gifts, and furnishings are some of the things you can expect to find when you shop Ralph Lauren products.

Ralph Lauren, the designer, founded the Polo Ralph Lauren company in 1967. The Ralph Lauren Corporation manages a host of brands, some of which include its flagship brand Polo Ralph Lauren, and others like Black Label, Purple Label, Blue Label, Chaps, and Club Monaco.

Whether formal, casual, or sporty, make sure you dress stylishly for any given occasion.

About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer, most famous for the Polo Ralph Lauren fashion label. From his early career working in a tie company, he has built a global fashion and lifestyle business which is based in New York. The business has resulted in him being named as one of the richest people in the world. Career Born in New York City in 1939, Ralph Lifshitz changed his name to Ralph Lauren at the age of 16. His career in fashion design began at the age of 26, when he designed a necktie whilst working for a tie company. Although the design was disregarded by the company, he left to start his own company in which he made ties from rags. After opening a necktie store in New York, he began selling his own design of ties under the brand name of Polo. This was the start of the Ralph Lauren brand of menswear, which led to a multi-million dollar business that has expanded to several stores in the United States. Company The Ralph Lauren Corporation now sells an extended range of clothing for men, women and children. The men's and women's ranges include the classic Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, as well as shirts, jumpers, jackets and trousers and other accessories. The children's range includes garments and accessories for boys, girls and babies. The brand also sells home products, such as books, cushions, candles and decorative accessories. The Ralph Lauren Corporation manages a number of brands, including Ralph Lauren Black Label, Lauren Ralph Lauren and Chaps.