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Patio furniture should be attractive, durable, and weather-resistant. That is why rattan makes the perfect outdoor pieces. Lightweight, UV-resistant and easy to maintain, these sofas, chairs, and tables complement your deck or patio and allow you to enjoy sunny days and starry nights in comfort.

Tables may come with additional features, including a hole for a parasol, stylish glass top, storage ottomans, and waterproof fabric cushions. Create a haven for al fresco meals with rattan garden furniture.

About Rattan

Rattan Rattan is the name of a group of roughly 600 species of palms which are used in furniture making and crafts the world over. One of the most common uses in the developed world is as garden furniture but it is also common to see other garden products such as planters and hanging baskets made out of rattan. /p p Rattan is a perfect material to use in making garden furniture because of the fact that it can be shaped in a variety of ways, it is hard-wearing and strong, and it can soak up paints and stains like many other types of wood. It is also naturally available in many colours which makes rattan suitable for a range of garden design schemes. Rattan products are often combined with designer glasses and stylish plastics to make beautiful and durable furniture products. /p p The most popular rattan products are benches, chairs and table sets. The products themselves are water-proof which means that the only things you need to store inside are the cushions and other accessories. Rattan sets can be accessorised in a number of ways and there are a plethora of cushions, drinks holders, magazine racks, candle holders and dining products available. /p p In addition to being attractive and easy to maintain, rattan is also very hard-wearing and product care is simple and easy. Most rattan products will stay looking new with a gentle wash down of soapy water every few weeks. You can also treat your rattan with other products such as wood oils, stains and paints, all of which are available relatively cheaply. /p