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The Royal Marines have a reputation for excellence going back centuries. With all that history to fall back on, it is not surprising that there is a strong desire for Royal Marines memorabilia. From pins to T-shirts and even the uniform, there are dozens of ways to celebrate those who served.

Display Royal Marines pins or exercise in the T-shirt. The Marines have played a part in history so let them play one in your life.

About Royal Marines

The Royal Marine Corps (RM), often known simply as the Royal Marines, can trace its history back to the 'Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot' in 1664. However, their formation became official in 1755, as the marine infantry of the Royal Navy. Their role is often to deploy at short notice as a highly specialised light infantry commando force. They are noted for their ability to operate in difficult environments and climates such as Arctic, mountain, rapid reaction response, and others. They also have a series of separate units including the Special Boat Service and Fleet Protection Group. In terms of clothing, you'll discover two key areas. Firstly, items of uniform worn by the Marines themselves, and secondly, a range of tee shirts, other tops and the like which often demonstrate the wearer's support for them. In terms of the former, you will find items of both dress and combat uniforms. Some of these are historical or vintage in nature; others a specific, recognisable, style such as the Lovat, scarlet (foreign dress) tunic, or those worn whilst serving on The Royal Yacht. There are also various examples of the famous Royal Marines' beret and dress uniform caps. Away from clothing, you'll discover many other items of memorabilia are available. These include watches or mugs, a range of full or desktop flags and bunting (often for specific locations or events), and a selection of cap, beret or blazer badges. You will also find a collection of medals, both historical and from more recent times. Items can include those reflecting long and good service, and specific campaigns or commemorations. These, and the other choices here, will appeal to collectors, and to supporters of this staunch branch of the Armed Forces.