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About Rubber Flooring

When employing a little creative ingenuity, individuals use rubber flooring in an endless number of DIY projects. Rubber flooring, sold in long rolls approximately 3 mm thick, and in some cases thicker, is suitable for walkways, pet cages, garage floors, and other surfaces. The manufacturer adds a textured design into the composition which keeps the rubber in place, and provides an anti-slip surface for people to walk on. Some rubber flooring comes in square tile shapes to fit into smaller spaces such as campers, car boots, and interior floors of any vehicle, for a clean look that protects carpet underneath. For play areas, buy the interlocking jigsaw rubber mats available in several colours that cushion falls by energy-prone children. To prevent dangerous falls, absorb sound, and allow water to drain, a rubber mat with connecting drainage holes works well in spaces that stay wet. Explore the wide selection of rubber flooring on eBay to complete an interior or exterior project today.