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About Russian Hats

For fashion reasons, or just simply for keeping warm, Russian hats have a unique style and design that is based on the traditional head garment worn by soldiers in the Russian army. Historically, their guards would have to endure long periods of time in freezing temperatures (or even lower). The humble 'Ushanka' is often supplied with ear flaps to keep the whole head warm, and the thick fur-like design can also provide extra protection against impacts. It is by no means a replacement for a regular helmet, but this can be useful if there is a risk of falling over in the ice and snow. In a twist on the original Ushanka, many Russian style hats have a thermal lining along with the simulated fur, and this allows the user to keep as warm as possible. While many are designed in a specific style that is suitable for either men or women, many have a unisex design, and for younger people there are also a range of novelty designs that are colourful or based upon different animals. If it is desirable to only have the fur on the inside of the hat, garments are available that use fur as a lining, with an outer material that is leather or fabric based. While old-fashioned traditional Russian hats have always been black or grey in colour, natural-looking hats are also available with no fixed colour, and these are designed to simulate the look of actual animal fur - this includes the intricate colour details that can be found on a long-haired animal.