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Keep in touch with the extensive selection of mobile phones, tablets, and complementary accessories from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes pre-loaded with essential features that help you tackle day-to-day functions such as calendars and alarms.

In addition, a Samsung tablet can double as a mini computer when you add an external keyboard. When you are looking for electronic devices to simplify your life, find the user-friendly gear from the brand you trust so you can be ready for anything.

About Samsung - Mobile & Smart Phones

Founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul, Samsung evolved from being a small trading company to a world-class corporation. Now a market leader in the electronics industry, it ranks as a top 10 global brand and its mobile phone handsets are renowned for rivaling those of Apple. History Originally dealing with insurance, textiles, food processing and securities, it wasn't until the late 1960s that the company entered into the electronics industry, developing its first mobile phone handset and system in the early 1990s and going on to sell more than 20 million mobile phones in America in 2004. Products Samsung may have a range of basic phones for simply making calls and sending text messages, however the brand is best known for its smartphones that have large, high definition screens to make browsing on the Internet and viewing photos much easier. The Galaxy Note 3, for example, is not only a step up from the Galaxy S4 for its stylus and note-taking features, but its screen is larger at 5.7 inches, and the Galaxy Mega is even bigger at 6.3 inches. Benefits Providing an alternative to Apple's iOS, Samsung uses Google's Android operating system, meaning more choice, more apps and more customisation. Introduced in 2007, Android enables your phone to be a powerful web browser, personal assistant and games console all in one. Priding itself on its competitive, reliable products, advanced technologies and constant innovation, Samsung's aim is to take the world in imaginative new directions.