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A classy smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Ace deserves a line of defence against wear and tear, drops, bumps, and scratches. A Samsung Galaxy Ace case allows full use of all the phone's features while protecting it from damage.

Speck is well-known for its CandyShell line of mobile phone cases, which combine style and flair with effective protection. In this case, the compatible model boasts dual-layer construction where the hard shell that takes the brunt of any impact and the rubber inner layer absorbs shock, leaving the mobile phone unharmed. Speck coats its cases with a glossy finish so that owners can slip their Samsung Galaxy Ace case easily onto the phone and handle it comfortably.

Owners looking for basic protection can go with a simple S-Line gel case instead, while those who prefer to carry fewer items in their pockets can opt for a leather combination wallet and phone case from Luxur.