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Stay connected while on the go with the Samsung Galaxy Ace phone. In addition to the usual call and text functions, the Galaxy Ace allows you to browse the web easily. Its 800 MHz processor and 3G capability means you can email, download content, and view webpages from nearly anywhere. Social networking is incredibly easy with Samsung’s Social Hub page. The Android operating system grants you access to the approximately 100,000 apps available on the Android Market. Enjoy games, news, social, and productivity apps.

This slim, sleek, and chic smart phone is available in both black and white. Its 3.5-inch HVGA screen allows you to view webpages, photos, and videos without straining your eyes. Equip yourself with countless entertainment and communications options with a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone.

About Samsung Galaxy Ace Phones

Enjoy a new mobile phone by upgrading to a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Ace phone. With the 5 MP camera, you can capture special moments without carrying an extra device around. The Samsung Galaxy Ace phone runs on the Android operating system and offers 4 GB of storage for all your apps and photographs. When you choose to purchase an unlocked mobile phone on eBay, you get the ability to connect to any cellular network without contracts. As you shop for a Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone or a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone case, check the Top-rated Sellers to find good deals on new and used items, many of which include free shipping.