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About Samsung N150 Plus

The Samsung N150 Plus laptop has a very attractive design, a keyboard that is very responsive and other features that make it impressive

The key features of the Samsung N150 Plus are its responsive multi-touch touchpad and a good battery life. It’s 10.1 inch screen provides you with sufficient room to work with.

The laptop has a fashionable red and black lid that brings to mind the brand’s higher end laptops, a larger 250GB hard drive and a 3 in 1 memory card slot. It also has 3 USB ports that simplify the task of getting connected to a printer, a digital camera and many other devices.

The N150 is lightweight because at a just 2.7lbs, it is a device for people on the move. The battery is powered up for 7 hours and that is more than sufficient for a day’s work. The keyboard and touchpad are also quite impressive because they are easily adaptable and very responsive.

The laptop has great audio quality, one of the best as a matter of fact and on a notebook, an acceptable webcam and boots very fast. The laptop has great looks, overall good performance and will be a great device for the outdoors.