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A Samsung Smart TV makes watching television an interactive experience. It often has a web camera and keyboard that allows you to surf the internet or chat online. Download movies, TV programmes, or games straight from the web.

These TVs come in many sizes and include all kinds of features such as high-definition. Do more with a television that is responsive to your wants. Get a Samsung Smart TV and you will never watch television in the same way again.

About Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung's Smart TV range effectively started in 2007 with the launch of the Internet TV. This device allowed you to access the internet while watching television. The Smart LED TV added the ability to download apps to your television. This television was then renamed to the Smart TV, the designation it holds today. The current generation of Samsung Smart TV allows you to access its features through the Smart Hub. This divides the smart functions between social networks, apps and photos/music/video. The social media section allows users to quickly check Facebook or Twitter while they're watching television. You can also make Skype calls using the Smart TV's built in webcam. There are a huge number of apps specifically designed for the Smart TV in the Samsung apps store. These can add all kinds of functionality to your television from games to forecasting the weather. Content stored in the photos, videos and music section can easily be shared with others using Samsung's AllShare app. Other features of the Smart TV are the ability to issue voice commands to your television and to control your television using gestures. The TV also has face recognition allowing it to give you instant access to the cont that you want via the Smart Hub. A wide variety of film and television streaming services have apps for Smart TV which allows you to easily add these services to your television without an additional box. The Smart Evolution Kit is an easy way to upgrade older Smart TVs to run the latest software and ensure your TV remains up to date.