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About Sand Bags

Protect your home from rising waters and the fear of flooding with sandbags available on eBay. Hessian or burlap sandbags are the most commonly used sandbags that are usually sold empty and are filled at home. They are inexpensive to purchase and very durable. They are also eco-friendly, as they are biodegradable. Hessian sandbags should be stored empty and flat and away from sunlight. Polypropylene sandbags are made from a tough plastic material that cannot be punctured and block out the moisture. Look for polypropylene sandbags that have a high UV rating to prevent them from becoming damaged by the sunlight. Nylon sandbags are coated in urethane to make them water-repellent. Most nylon sandbags are double-stitched along the seams to make them even stronger. DuraBag sandbags are constructed from a polyethylene mesh fabric. They offer five years of UV protection and have steel ties for added durability. Feel safe in your home during bad weather with a range of sandbags.