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People have been aware of the advantages of having a sheepskin rug since ancient times. Warm and easy to clean, sheep wool adds softness to floor surfaces and pieces of furniture such as chairs or sofas.

A few pelts stitched together allow you to cover large surfaces. If you prefer not to use genuine pelts, faux sheepskin rugs are also available. In either case, give the space a welcome touch of elegance with a sheepskin rug.

About Sheepskin Rugs

Feel the lush touch of one of the softest materials around against your feet as you step out of bed or walk across your living room with a sheepskin rug. These simple and elegant rugs are traditional fixtures in many cultures and are available to you in genuine and synthetic varieties on eBay. You can find a sheepskin rug, sometimes referred to as a Flokati, in a range of shapes from the square and the rectangular to more organic forms that follow the natural shape of the sheepskin. Many varieties are machine washable, which makes them easy to maintain for the long term. You can also seek out a dyed, synthetic version of the sheepskin to get the feel of one of these rugs, while also getting the benefits of an on-trend colour that matches your favourite room's decor. Bring warmth and style into your space with a classic of home decoration: a sheepskin rug.