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About Sheer Cover

Sheercover studio is a health and beauty company dedicated to providing natural skincare products for healthy looking skin. Their product range includes products for the face, eyes and skin. This includes foundation, concealer, bronzer, base primer and mascara. Sheercover?s most popular products are their foundation and concealers. They also produce their own tools to help aid the application of their products such as brushes, pencils and sponges.

Their products use mineral technology that produces a natural looking finish that is suitable for all skin types. The minerals are designed to work with the skins natural looking oils to help cover imperfections without appearing too heavy on the face.

The ingredients used are all healthy and won?t incur any damage to user?s skin over time. They are non-comedogenic meaning that they won?t clog the pores. There aren?t any preservatives, fillers, chemicals, mineral oils, silicones, dyes or binders. They are also talc free. They are sweat proof, designed to last all day and have been dermatologically and allergy tested for sensitive skin. The products can be purchased individually or within a kit. The kits usually contain foundation, concealer, bronzing minerals, mascara and extending fibers. These may also come with applicator tools.

Sheercover mineral foundation is used to cover dark circles, blemishes, age spots, birthmarks, melasma and rosacea. It can come in various shades for differing skin tones from light through to dark. These are named buff, bisque and latte. It can also come in different levels of spf, to protect the skin from damaging sunlight. Care must be taken when purchasing to ensure that the correct SPF is chosen for the user's skin for it to be deemed effective. It is advised that foundation or any type of make up with SPF protection is not to be used as a substitute for sun cream. The foundation can come in tubs from as little as 1.5g all the way up to 4g.

Where foundation is used for an all over natural and even skin tone, concealer and brightener is designed more specifically for the concealment of flaws on the skin, and is often used in tandem with the foundation to achieve its best potential. It also highlights the areas where it is applied, to bring out and emphasise any features on the user?s face. It is applied to cheeks, eyebrows and eyes. It can be applied with fingers alone or with an applicator tool such as a concealer brush.

Sheercover mascara is used to lengthen and thicken eyelashes in the most natural way possible. Sheercover base primer is intended to be applied after moisturising to make pores appear smaller and lines and wrinkles less visible. It usually comes in 60ml bottles.

Sheercover bronzing minerals are designed to add a hint of colour as well as a natural looking glow to wherever applied. It is often used on the cheeks, forehead, nose and neck. All Sheercover products can be used together or separately.