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About Silicone Spray

Silicone spray has many uses and is widely available from reputable eBay sellers. It is an efficient lubricant that is usable on most surfaces as it does not corrode and is non-reactive. It does not oxidise and, when applied to hard surfaces, maintains lubrication for a long period even at extreme temperatures. Silicone spray is also water-resistant so it is a great tool for protecting surfaces from moisture damage. You can use silicone spray on exposed metals for boats, even in water with high salinity, to slow or prevent rust from developing. The spray adheres to the metal surface and repels moisture. When water droplets hit the silicone, they bead and roll away without touching the metal beneath. You can also use it on rubber to prevent drying and cracking. Use silicone spray to protect surfaces prone to corrosion, keep your rubber hoses and garden hoses in top condition, and lubricate moving parts to prevent sticking and grinding, increasing their lifespan.