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About Sky HD Remotes

There are few better known names in the history of British Television than British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), a company which has become renowned for its heavy financial impact on the world of sports broadcasting in particular.

BSkyB first began operation in 1990 through the equal merger of British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television. Today the company is the biggest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK, with more than 10 million individual subscribers.

Sky TV currently offers a wide range of different - and exclusive - services to its subscribers. Since it was introduced, the company focused heavily on obtaining the rights for sports broadcasting, with CEO at the time Rupert Murdoch describing sport as a "battering ram" for pay television. In a joint bid in 1991, BSkyB joined forces with the BBC to obtain the rights for the first five seasons of the newly-formed Premier League. The money that the company paid for the live coverage - £304m - was a huge raise on the nearest offer, which was £34m from ITV (who had the rights at the time.

In addition to sports (the company also owns exclusive rights to all test cricket broadcast), the firm also creates a wide number of original programming, with several of the UK's most renowned comedy series in recent years being broadcast from Sky.

A Sky HD remote is an essential way for the user to navigate the wide range of different options available to them, letting them move from live sports coverage to the 24 hours new channels at the press of a button.