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Sony is one of the biggest names in the electronics and home entertainment fields. The company makes everything from mobiles to digital cameras, tablets, and laptops. If a person wants a particular kind of device, the chances are that Sony makes it.

There are Sony Ericsson mobiles, Xperia tablets, and smartphones for every market segment. Photography enthusiasts can explore their interest with Cybershot and Alpha cameras, while computer users can look at the Sony Vaio laptop. All these products benefit from Sony's traditional commitment to build quality and overall excellence. Sony does not just make portable electronics either; the company also makes HDTV sets as well as full home theatre installations right down to the Blu-ray player.

About Sony

Gadgets, gizmos, thing-a-me-bobs - whatever you want to call the vast range of electrical items that exist, Sony produce the lot. What's more, they are constantly pushing the boundaries to lead the way in technological design. They're one of the most well-known tech brands around the world and their items are always at the top of people's must-have lists. Whether it's a TV, laptop or smartphone you're looking for - Sony make them all and many more besides. Sony was founded in 1946 in Japan and has been a world leader in electronics ever since. Back in the 1980s, the Sony Walkman took the world by storm - it was a handheld device that you could just about shove in a pocket and listen to your music on the go. These days, technology has come on in leaps and bounds and Sony has managed to firmly stay at the top of the class. Sony produces products such as digital cameras and camcorders for documenting precious family moments and achievements. Its VAIO laptops and notebooks, meanwhile, are ideal for a range of uses from studying to leisure purposes. Its TVs, too, are extremely sought after items. Home cinema projectors, speaker systems, HD TVs and top of the range headgear for watching 2D and 3D films and games, all make Sony a go-to brand for all the best in home entertainment. In fact, the Sony home entertainment systems are so advanced it's almost not worth leaving the house for a trip to the cinema anymore.