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Enjoy your music on the go with a Sony Walkman. This gadget makes any task a little more fun when you can listen to your favourite artists. Choose a device designed for runners that holds up to the constant bouncing movement and still plays your music flawlessly if you listen while you work out.

Also, look for the right amount of storage for your library. You want to have enough room for a variety of music. Look for MP3 players with storage from 4 GB all of the way up to 16 GB or even more. They often have a long playback time before recharging is necessary, allowing you to listen all day without depleting the battery. Find new or used players from sellers on eBay. Take your music with you and make even mundane tasks more fun with a Sony Walkman and your favourite songs.

About Sony Walkman

We may be in the age of tiny technology but chunky and satisfying retro gadgets like the Sony Walkman are all the rage! Whether you fancy getting your hands on a Sony Walkman cassette player, a radio or a CD Walkman, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. Maybe you’ve got a stack of old cassettes you’d love to listen to, you fancy putting your headphones in and transporting yourself to your teenage years or you want to show your kids just how easy they’ve got it these days – whatever your reasons for wanting a Sony Walkman you’ll find an endless array of models to choose from in all sorts of conditions./

Although the Walkman is best known as a portable cassette player, Sony still use the brand name for their range of portable products including DVD and audio players. The first Walkman transformed the way people listened to music as it allowed users to take their music on the move and listen wherever they were. The first Sony Walkman was produced by Nobutoshi Kihara in 1978 and by 1980 was being marketed across the world, although in some countries it was known as the ‘Soundabout’ and in the UK was originally called the ‘Stowaway’.