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About Spiderman Costumes

A Spiderman costume is a popular fancy dress choice for children and adults alike. The traditional suit Spiderman wore featured a mostly blue skintight Lycra and spandex bodysuit with red gloves, boots, mid-section, and head. An image of a large black spider lurked on the chest and back, with a web pattern decorating the mask and other red portions of the suit. Web shooters on the wrists to swing from building to building and a web cartridge belt finish the ensemble.

Spiderman costumes usually come in one-piece designs with separate hoods and are polyester or cotton. Choose tight polyester for a look that is more authentic; if comfort is key, choose cotton. Cotton breathes better than polyester and is more comfortable, especially if you intend to wear it to a party or in an enclosed space. If you don't fill out the suit in quite the same way Peter Parker did, don't despair. Buy a Spiderman costume on eBay that has padding in all the right places to recreate the look of this comic book icon.