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About Steam Press

Using a steam press is an alternative to using a conventional iron and ironing board. Steam presses are designed for both home and commercial usages, with a variety of different models produced by different companies. When ironing using a traditional iron and ironing board, you run the risk of stretching the fabric of sheets, clothes, towels and other items. By using a steam press, however, you can help to maintain the fit and the shape of the items that you are pressing. A steam press consists of an ironing board on the base, and a heating plate - normally of the same size - that is attached to the ironing board on one side via a hinge. There is a handle attached to the heating plate, and after it has heated up, you place the item to be pressed on the ironing board. Using the handle, the heating plate is lowered onto the item for a few seconds, which presses the items and removes any creases. Steam presses are manufactured by companies such as Tefal, Domena and Singer. They range in size, with those designed for domestic use generally smaller than those intended for commercial use. Using a steam press can significantly reduce the amount of time spent ironing, and offers a professional finish for relatively little effort. A steam press can also be used to maintain intentional creases in garments, and can also kill pollutants. Steam pressing is an environmentally friendly and effective way of killing pollen, bacteria and other allergens that may attach themselves to your clothing, bedding or towels.