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Tempt your guests with tasty treats in sweet jars. Leave them sitting out on the table or place them on a shelf or desk. They are usually clear so you can see the colourful candy and treats.

They may be made of plastic or glass and can be plain or more ornate. They come with lids to keep your candy fresh. Always have something to offer visitors when you have sweet jars out on display.

About Sweet Jars

Whether for home or business use, or as a simple gift packaging, sweet jars make a good investment as they are very easy to find and affordable. Classic glass ones with their bobble top covers look cute and can make any sweets inside appear more attractive than usual. Besides bobble tops, some jars have plastic screw-on covers and even covers with handles. If you are worried about having a glass jar around your children, eBay offers plenty of plastic jars. Some of them even have the classic Victorian bobble top covers. Choose your jars from a variety of sizes that range from as small as 250 ml up to 5 litres. If you plan to give out sweets as party favours, you can even buy ready-filled jars with decorations such as ribbons or colourful covers. Buy a suitable jar and store your sweets for anytime of the day you need a treat.