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About Tartan Dresses

The tartan dress is a cool fashion staple, which never goes out of style. Seen on catwalks everywhere, it is a popular item in many designer collections. Lots of the coolest labels are featuring tartan dresses and they are also a favourite of the largest brands. You can, for example, choose from a River Island tartan dress, Top Shop tartan dress or even Primark tartan dress. As well as all your favourite brands, you can also find a tartan dress in a variety of fashionable colours. In addition to the traditional red, you can pick up a restful green tartan dress or cool blue tartan dress. In fact, the tartan dress has become something of an iconic piece, finding a home in the wardrobes of the most contemporary and traditional dressers alike. The tartan, or plaid dress as they know it in the US, lends itself to a variety of styles. You can choose from long sleeves, sleeveless or short sleeve designs along with a whole range of necklines. Skirt lengths, meanwhile, range from mini to maxi to suit all occasions. A full range of sizes also means that everyone can enjoy this fashion favourite. Perhaps the secret to the success of the tartan dress lies in its versatility. A vintage tartan dress may be ideal for traditionalists but many modern styles are often paired with boots or even worn over jeans. However you choose to wear it, you can be sure that your tartan dress is a great way to show your style credentials.