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About Toilet Pan

Toilets have been around for thousands of years but it wasn’t until the last century that most British people got bathrooms in their homes rather than having to go to the toilet outside and wash in front of the fire in the kitchen. If you’re considering changing your bathroom then you can easily find a toilet pan to suit your décor available to buy online. Whilst these days most toilet pans are white they still come in a huge variety of styles and designs so whether your bathroom is a traditional triumph or a modern masterpiece you’ll find a toilet pan to suit.

The original patent for a flushing toilet was issued in 1775 to inventor Alexander Cummings but he wasn’t the first to come up with the idea. The ancient Romans utilised sewer systems and Sir John Harrington, Godson to Elizabeth I, invented a flushing toilet for her in 1596. But it was Cummings’ design that really took off and in 1829 Boston’s Tremont hotel became the first in the world to feature indoor plumbing, but it wasn’t until three decades later that the first packaged toilet roll was manufactured and by the early 1900s flushing toilets were commonplace in public buildings.