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About Toy Robots

Ever since we first learned to put two objects together and make another object, man has been fascinated by all things mechanical and in the 1950s that interest almost became a frenzy as technology appeared to develop at an almost untrackable pace. Luckily for toy makers, innovations in manufacturing coincided with a newfound fascination with robots, thanks in part to TV shows like ‘Lost in Space’, which featured the imaginatively named ‘Robot’ and Robbie the Robot who stole the show in the movie ‘Forbidden Planet’. Mechanical toy robots became hugely popular and many featured exciting additions such as flashing lights and sounds.

Today there are a huge range of toy robots available from retro robots that will get any dad misty eyed, to cute animatronic puppies that can follow a huge range of commands to pure platinum toy robots worth over £250,000. However, when most people think of a toy robot they still picture the classic 1950s style tin model, but luckily you don’t have to trawl flea markets and relatives’ attics looking for one because you can find a great reproduction robot for just a few pounds. Or if you prefer you’ll find genuine vintage toy robots dating from the 1950s onwards.