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Dress up for Halloween or your next fancy dress party in a Tudor costume made from durable materials able to with stand several uses. From small girl's and boy's attire to ladies fancy dresses, the designs and styles specific to that era shine.

Knights and princess costumes include headpieces typical of that point in time. Travel back in time, while pretending in your Tudor costume, to an era where knights, kings and queens were revered and celebrated.

About Tudor Costumes

Having ruled this part of the world from 1485 to 1603, the Tudor Dynasty played an important role in shaping Britain's history, both culturally and socially. When buying a Tudor costume, there are several options to choose from.  If you are looking for a ladies Tudor costume, you can find queens and tavern wenches; and a men's Tudor costume could take the form of a king, commoner, or executioner. Buying a Tudor costume in a new or used condition is easy when you shop from Top-rated sellers on eBay. Some sellers are known to offer deals with free postage and packaging.