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About Tweed Waistcoats

Made in several different designs, a tweed waistcoat adds a formal element to any outfit. Men often wear a tweed waistcoat in vest form over a suit shirt for a formal night out. Women and men both wear lightweight tweed coats of waist length in the spring and summer months for casual gatherings as well as for formal events. Most designs are sleeve-free and offer pockets in the front for wallets, cell phones, keys, and other items.

If you are attending an event with a vintage or retro theme, tweed is just the way to express a specific era. One benefit of tweed is that it matches nearly any colour, so you can wear it over any type of shirt or light sweater. You can find several styles, sizes, and colours of tweed waistcoats on eBay. Buy a tweed waistcoat, and also consider purchasing a suit shirt or suit jacket to complete your new stylish look.