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About Twin Tub

Twin tub washing machines offer twice the functionality of a single tub. While one tub washes your clothes, the other spins them free of excess water. This economises on both water and electricity, making them an eco-friendly choice. Options range from small, portable units that hold as little as 2 kg to larger home units that can wash and spin up to 14 kg and more. Portable twin tub washing machines are lightweight, compact units designed with portability and space in mind, which makes them ideal for use in small flats and apartments where space come at a premium. Typically, twin tubs washing machines feature independent timers, and wash and spin speeds to cater for delicate fabrics and robust fabrics, like denim. Spare parts, such as pumps, are also available to increase the lifespan of a machine. Stay on top of your laundry with a twin tub washing machine on eBay and enjoy the ease-of-use and functionality that they offer.