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About UGG Kensington

Now a part of the Deckers Outdoor Corporation, UGG Australia is an American-owned company known for their extremely popular 'Ugg boot' style of footwear originating from Australia and New Zealand. Lined with sheepskin and most often a suede exterior, Ugg boots are renowned for their comfort and softness, being worn both inside and outside the house. The 'Kensington' line of Ugg boots are decidedly less casual than their more common counterparts, with characteristic buckles on the sides, hard sole, and leather exterior. The boots could be worn as a more formal alternative to the regular line of UGG boots, without sacrificing the comfort or the brand name. The boots have a slightly tighter fit than regular Ugg boots as well, and customers should keep this in mind if they have bought the boots previously. As with buying any footwear online, customers should also check the necessary sizing charts, as the shapes and sizes of boots often vary between brands and countries. Ugg boots are also often manufactured in the US, meaning that the regular sizing numbers are different to that of Europe. The boots come in a variety of different designs, but are all in fitting with the recognisable UGG house style. They come in a palette of natural colours, such as black, brown, sand, and beige. The boots are genuine leather, and are therefore not appropriate for vegan customers. The exterior can be cared for easily, by cleaning it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or scratch marks.