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About Umbrella Stands

A good umbrella is essential for surviving the wet British winters, and a door-side umbrella stand is the only way to keep the run-off out of your home. There are a range of umbrella stands available, in a variety of materials including the classic cast iron, retro ceramic and budget-friendly wicker. Popular since the Victorian era, antique cast iron umbrella stands can create a touch of vintage class in modern homes. Today, cast iron umbrella stands are available a range of sizes and colours, although even the plainest stand can be given new life with a coat of good paint. Smaller stands may fit only a couple of umbrellas or walking sticks, while larger stands can accommodate a number of full-sized golf umbrellas. Ceramic umbrella stands look a bit like outsized vases, but made from strong, durable materials. Often painted in bright colours, they can be matched up with any style of home decor. During periods of heavy rainfall, water can drip off the umbrellas and collect in the bottom of these stands, so be sure to tip it out every once in a while, to avoid a build-up of standing water or mildew. Wicker umbrella stands may not be as long-lasting as ceramic or cast iron models, but they are a lightweight and economical solution for any home. The wicker should be well varnished to keep the stand waterproofed, and as with any umbrella stand, keep an eye out for puddles around the base during times of particularly heavy rainfall.