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When your room needs some texture, style, and more seating, an upholstered chair may be your go-to piece of furniture. Put a single one anywhere in the house without taking up too much space or get an entire set for your living area.

An antique upholstered chair often features ornately carved wood and bold fabrics while modern designs are all about clean lines and simple patterns. Find rest on one or several upholstered chairs.

About Upholstered Chairs

Add elegant seating to any space with an upholstered chair. The chairs are available in a wide array of styles including wing backed and scoop back chairs. With so many patterns, fabrics, and colours from which you can choose, you can match a chair with the decor in any room. Whether you are looking for upholstered dining chairs or upholstered bedroom chairs, top-rated eBay sellers have one that will fit in with your home. The chairs are available in both new and used condition and some sellers even offer to post them for free. Bring a touch of sophistication and functionality to room with an upholstered chair.