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About Vet Beds

Vet bedding is specifically designed to provide a soft, comfortable and safe area for a pet to rest and sleep, and it is also manufactured to give the best possible protection to the surrounding areas within the home. There are a number of features that are available to cater for the needs of younger animals, and these products can also be used in a vehicle when transporting a cat or dog. Many vet bedding products are made out of materials that are entirely machine-washable, giving owners a fast and convenient method for cleaning. For younger pets such as kittens and puppies, it is important to look for vet bedding that is designed to handle liquids - an inevitable situation during the early weeks or months of any animal's life. Should there be any little accidents, many pet beds are designed with polyester fibres that allow liquids to pass straight through the top layer, and the animal doesn't have to remain in contact with the soggy material before the whole bed is washed. If the bedding materials are coated with an anti-bacterial product, this can also help to prevent illnesses that can occur as a result of soiling. To provide the best levels of protection for the area surrounding the pet bed, non-slip bedding ensures that the pet remains in the same place on hard and shiny floor coverings. This is also an important feature to have when transporting the pet in a car, as for safety reasons it is essential that they remain in place at all times.