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About Vintage Tractors

While many people like to collect old vehicles, there is something special about the niche practice of collecting vintage tractors. Farming has a long history, helped along with the institution of new tools and machinery over the years. Tractors were among the most important of agricultural tools, helping to fertilise the ground, spread seed, and collect the harvest. When the first commercially successful petrol tractors were developed in 1901, the world changed forever.

Collecting these pieces of history preserves and highlights the changes tractors brought to farmers. It is not hard to find a vintage tractor available for an affordable price. Many sellers offer good prices on non-working models, or damaged tractors for parts. Vintage tractor parts, so essential to restoration, can be hard to find. Engine components and elements of the body can be damaged by years of exposure to the elements. However, searching online at eBay for tractor parts and vintage tractors saves you time and trouble.