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About Wall Hung Toilets

A wall-hung toilet provides several benefits that you do not receive with floor-installed units. You can sweep and clean the floor over a hung unit, which prevents the build-up of mould and other allergens. Mounted toilets tend to possess highly durable materials that resist the type of chipping and cracking that force you to replace floor-installed units. Instead of arching your back and, hence, creating the potential for hurting yourself, a wall-hung toilet allows you to stand erect. The ergonomic toilet prevents back strains, as well as ensures proper posture. You can hang the toilet at a comfortable height. Although wall-mounted toilets provide high functionality, many homeowners choose the toilets to enhance bathroom décor. Hung toilets at a touch of eccentricity to the style of a bathroom and they provide a more symmetrical appearance with other hanging objects, such as towels and robes. Buy a wall-hung toilet on eBay to add value to your bathroom.