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About Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards are used by recently married couples to thank their wedding guests for joining them in their celebrations. Although not a required part of the wedding celebrations and follow up, it is a polite gesture to send a wedding thank you card to every guest who has attended, especially if guests have given wedding gifts. Wedding thank you cards vary greatly in their design. Some couples will choose to make their own thank you cards from scratch, while others will choose pre made cards that allow them to write their own personal message inside. A number of couples will choose to send out their wedding cards after they return from their honeymoon, as this means that they can create wedding thank you cards that feature a photo of the couple on their happy day. This adds a personal touch and provides guests with a happy memory of the occasion. Designs range from the classic, featuring elegant looping fonts and traditional imagery, to the contemporary with a range of bold colours and designs. Wedding thank you cards can consist of a single sheet of card which is printed on either one or both sides, or a traditional folded card in a variety of sizes. While ready made wedding thank you cards are convenient and save time, some couples may want to use a bespoke design that reflects the theme or colour scheme of their wedding, as well as their personalities.