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Wheelie bins save innumerable people from back pain and disgusting messes to clean up due to spills from attempting to lug the bin around. Wheelie bins are sturdy, but they do not look pretty or blend in with the environment.

Find the perfect wheelie bin cover to complement your yard or garden. Lids that open up and doors that swing out make it easy to access and remove your wheelie bins and your eyes don't have to suffer either.

About Wheelie Bins

Sturdy, clean, safe and easy to move, a single wheelie bin has the capacity of three standard household rubbish bins. But there?s more to choosing a wheelie bin than you may have realised, from design and size to colour. Some can be customised with graphics, some are stackable, others recyclable, or made with noise reduction features. Some wheelie bins also come with a lid lock to stop the hinged lid from being opened, protecting against accident spillage from being knocked over or rummaged around in by animals. Capacities range from about two cubic metres to almost 30 (able to hold eight tonnes), while measurements for a wheelie bin vary a little between different brands, so be sure that yours complies with British and European standards. The different dimensions tend to rise gradually, typically one cubic metre at a time. Measure how much rubbish you use in a single week to get the right size. For most domestic users, a capacity of between 60 and 240 litres (the average council bin size) should be more than sufficient. Businesses can buy up to 1100 litre models which are flexible enough to be manoeuvred with great control, despite the extended capacity. Look for Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001 and a tough material such as injection-moulded high density polyethylene, which have a strong resistance to heat, temperatures, extreme temperatures and UV rays as well as any household chemicals with which it could come into contact. It?s also worth considering having galvanised steel wheel axles on solid castors for easy moving around.