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About Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate is an enhanced version of the standard Windows 7 operating system, offering additional features similar to Windows 7 Enterprise. Windows 7 Ultimate is designed for both home and small business users. It is ideal for those who require multi-lingual capacity, as it offers a multi-lingual user interface. For added data security, this version of Windows 7 offers Bitlocker Drive Encryption, helping you to protect your sensitive information from hackers and identity thieves by encrypting your files. It also supports UNIX and UNIX applications, so is well suited for programmers and designers. This software comes with a range of Office program trials, along with remote desktop server support, compatibility mode, and presentation mode. When you buy Windows 7 Ultimate, there are two choices. One is a full Windows 7 Ultimate software package, while the other is simply an upgrade from your current version of Windows 7. Buy Windows 7 Ultimate from eBay to save yourself money and use your operating system with comfort in the knowledge that all of your data is secure.