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Whether riding a motorcycle or stepping out of a club on the high street, a women's leather jacket is the perfect fashion statement. Smooth supple leather feels great in your hands, and provides protection against more than just the elements. It's also there in case of crash.

The same women's leather jacket found on the runway one night is on the roadway the next. It goes everywhere you do with equal aplomb. Carry yourself in style.

About Women's Leather Jackets

Nothing says 'rough yet feminine' like leather does. Women's leather jackets are available in so many classic styles that stylists still consider many vintage versions fashionable. As designers young and old popularised the leather jacket, and movies romanticised it, this clothing item is an iconic wardrobe piece.

A slim-cut bomber jacket, or tailored fur-lined leather jacket, make a statement. Alternatively, a classic leather blazer adds a unique element to a business suit without appearing too masculine. Women's leather jackets often come lined with suede, fleece, cotton, or even silk. Leather jackets featuring studs and zippers can add a rough touch to a toile skirt, or simply complete an outfit one might wear to a motorcycle rally in the States. Add pins, patches, and other accessories to personalise the ensemble. Visit eBay to find full leather jacket ensembles complete with leggings or jeans. Mix and match clothes with the jacket and enjoy a classic look with a modern flair.