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About Wood Carving Tools

There is a range of full size and palm tools for wood carving. The palm tools are perfect for small carving jobs; they have short blades at 5? and a range of shapes for detailed work. These are used with one hand whilst you carve folk art and figure carving with delicate detail or lettering into your piece in the other hand. The full size wood carving tools range from 10? to 11? for use with 2 hands or a mallet. Wood carving tools are generally made with durable wooden handles for comfortable, prolonged use. The steel blades are forged and heat treated for strength and durability. The tools are made with a metal collar ferrule either internally or externally to protect the wooden handle from splitting at the connection point of the blade. These tools are suitable for commercial or occasional work with a range of cutting edge shapes. The most popular is the gouge with its curved cutting edge used mostly for carving. Then there is the sweep which also has a curved edge but comes in various depths for shallow and deep curves. The depths are numbered for reference of size. Other tools include the chisel, which is a straight edged carving tool for covering large areas. The parting tool also known as ?the carver?s pencil? is used for detailed work and carving outlines and patterns. The 'long bent' blade is a curved blade for deep work and the 'short bent' blade is spoon-like for deep and awkward to get to work.