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All children want to act like adults and, as a parent, you can encourage them with a wooden kitchen set. The miniature sets include common appliances, like an oven and fridge, and some even come with play pots and pans to cook the food.

Look for a set with features and accessories that encourage creativity and spark imagination in your children. Jump in and help your children cook their first meal in their new wooden kitchen.

About Wooden Kitchen

A wooden kitchen can make a great gift for your son or daughter, offers a creative means of expression, and toy kitchens come in a variety of designs, shapes, and styles.

Buying A Toy Wooden Kitchen

A wood kitchen encourages creativity and allows children to enjoy roll playing games. Many children are more eager to be parents, and to do things like cooking and cleaning, than their parents are, and encouraging this type of play and creativity is an important part of helping your child to develop. Ensure that you buy a wooden kitchen that is safe, has been created from ethically sourced wood, and that is easy to wipe clean, while also ensuring that you buy a kitchen that is an appropriate size, design, and style.


Safety is always important when buying children’s toys, and there are a number of factors that are specific to the purchase of wooden toys. Corners and edges should be rounded so that there are no sharp edges. Any paint and treatment that is used on the wood should be safe and flame retardant. No toxic chemicals should have been used either – the wooden kitchen may be a toy, but that won’t stop most children from preparing food on, or eating directly from the surface of the toy.

Environmentally Responsible

You can buy either new or second hand wooden toys. Buying second hand is arguably the most environmentally responsible option, because it means that no additional trees need to be felled. If you do buy new, then you should ensure that the wood has been ethically sourced from a sustainable source, ensuring that you are not having too negative an impact on the environment.

Assembly Requirements

Some kitchens may be delivered in one piece and fully assembled, but the size of this type of toy, and the wooden material it is constructed from, means that it is usually more practical to send the kitchen with some assembly required. The assembly may be similar to that of flat pack furniture, and you should consider your flat packing skills when deciding whether the assembly requirements of a particular item are within your capabilities.

Easy Clean Surfaces

Like any kitchen, a wooden toy kitchen will require cleaning, and considering the alternative ingredients that children may use, such as soil for mud pies, it is likely that your wooden kitchen is going to require some serious cleaning at some point. You should check the item description to determine whether the surface has been treated so that it is easy to clean. Untreated wood can enable dirt and debris to get into the grain of the wood, and this can prove very difficult to clean away in the future.

Size And Design

Some wooden furniture and wooden toys can be folded away when not in use, but some of these items may require that they stay in one piece once constructed. If space is not an issue, for example because you have a large games’ room or because your son or daughter has a lot of spare floor space in their bedroom, then the size of the kitchen, or its portability, may not be an issue. Otherwise, check the dimensions, while also ensuring that the design will be appealing to the recipient.