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The first Yankee Candle, in 1969, originated from an idea to melt down crayons. Now buyers have access to numerous size candles and hundreds of scents.

Purchase a Yankee Candle for a specific season, a signature jar candle with a lid, tea light candles that add a decorator’s touch, or candles that set an ambient atmosphere. Add a mix of candles to your home or office that not only diffuse a specific scent, but create a mood for relaxation.

About Yankee Candles

The Yankee Candle Company is an American company specialising in making scented candles. Based in Massachusetts, founder Michael Kittredge made his first candle in 1969, using melted crayons to create a Christmas gift for his mother. Neighbours began to express an interest in similar candles, and so the business grew. The first Yankee Candle shop opened in 1975 and since then the range of products and scents that Yankee Candle offers has grown rapidly. Products produced by the Yankee Candle Company include the company's iconic Jar candles. These are candles housed within a glass jar with a lid, in a range of authentic fragrances that include floral scents such as Pink Hibiscus, fruity scents that include Black Cherry, spiced options such as Vanilla Chai and more. Yankee Candle Jars are available in small, medium and large sizes, and their glass exterior means that they avoid the need for candle holders. The Yankee Candle Company also produce sampler votive candles. Different scents can be burned at the same time to create layered fragrances. These smaller candles are also a good way of trying out different Yankee Candle scents. The company also produces a range of Tarts in a range of different fragrances. These are wax melts with no wick, and provide fragrance for up to 8 hours. Simply place the Tart in a standard oil burner, light a tea light below, and the wax will begin to melt, releasing the fragrance. Other products in the Yankee Candle range include a selection of fragranced tea lights, which can be used either individually or together to release their fragrance and add atmosphere to a room.