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WIPER BLADE FOR BMW TOYOTA 3 E36 M40 B16 M43 B16 M40 B18 M42 B18 M50 B20 Y BOSCH

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Reference OE/OEM Number
E36 E83 F15 F85 F16 F86 TRJ15 KDJ15 GRJ15 GDJ15 E9 V2 SW2 E10, A1 EL54 P9 E11 V4 ZZW3 ZN6 V3 U3 BU XZU N1 N2 N3 T21 U4 L3 MDX3, MDX4 MDX9 GBP BNP UDS UNS GAL AAL ABL BAP BFP EC BWY P65 P70, P80 B4Y B5Y 89 8B 8C B4 4D2 4D8 4A C4 4B2 C5 4B5 70XB 70XC 7DB, 7DW 7DK 3B2 70XA 70XD 3B5 6KV2 3B3 3B6 UBS F48 F08 F35 THB TB, TF F07 F69 A F70 F68 F67 W5L 270 272 154 220 182 159 B/C53 L53, D53 853 TXW T5 T6 T7 T1 T3 T4 B/C57 5/357 FC0/1 BA0/1 DA0/1, LA0/1 EA0/1 P6 TXX KC0/1 LS KS BS KA0/1 BB0/1/2 CB0/1/2 S53 S57, PXX BG0/1 KG0/1 LB0/1/2 LU1/2 KW0/1 X1 22 U6 S0 S1 U6U X2 N0 BT, BY BZ BV BW BX SM EF X-3 J-1 Y-2 Y-3 J-2 TG HD MX LC XD NF TQ, XG HP 1A 1C 7A 7C N5 7D 221 7B 224 1 VF3V 222 223 7E VF3A VF3U, VF3X N 7 744 745 944 945 VS VW 964 GSE2 ALE2 USE2 UZJ100 JZS160, UZS161 UZS160 URJ15 GRS19 UZS19 URS19 UZZ40 MCV VZV 1L 6K9 YS3D, 785 781 6U1 6U5 797 787 3U4 XE XS XW RH RT C1_A C6_A C7_A, CB/D_A Z16A D2_A CB_W CD_W DA K90 KA_T KB_T V8_W V9_W KH KG V90, V80 V8_V V6_W V7_W V2_W H6_W H7_W CC CJ-CP V3_W GE LV FD DW, SE17 BA GD 838 839 841 ECP K11 JC31 S13 R20 S14 X80 Z12 P11, WP11 R50 Y61 Z33 X76 KA EH EG CB CD MA MB EJ CE NA EK CF CH CK, CG BB RD MC DC2 DC4 GA ZE EM1 ED EE ZF FS US BC BJF BH BE AH AJ, EM MM FR K00 AM XM MS TD FB PS ZJ MK49 69 78 AF3 70 77 C9_C, C9_S FJ GAB J1 M3 M4 932 LN LG LW 1102 1103 KLAJ KLAV KLAL G C, KL1 PT 903 904 42_FD 452 SW SX ST SU SV HA HB HC HE, M40 B16 164E1 M43 B16 164E2 M40 B18 184E1 M42 B18 184S1, M50 B20 206S1 M50 B20 206S2 M52 B20 206S3 M50 B25 256S1, M50 B25 256S2 M51 D25 256T1 M41 D17 174T1 M52 B28 286S1, M52 B25 256S3 M43 B18 184E2 M44 B19 194S1 S50 B32 326S1, S50 B30 306S1 S52 B32 326S2 M42 B18 M43 B19 194E1 M52 B20 206S4, M54 B30 306S3 M54 B22 226S1 S54 B32 326S4 M52 B28 286S2, M52 B25 TU N47 D20 C M57 D30 306D3 N52 B30 A M54 B25 256S5, M57 D30 306D2 M47 D20 204D4 N46 B20 B N52 B25 A M57 D30 306D5
Manufacturer Part Number
3 397 008 534

Item description

"475 473 Kat.Weber Inj. 473 Weber Inj. Use engines info and vehicle YMM compatibility chart for general guide. Strictly important to provide VIN along with your detailed request since there can be different options for your car specific tech characteristics."
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