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Set of Front Delphi Lockheed Brake Pads For Ford Mazda Volvo LP1869

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Placement on Vehicle
Front, Left, Right
Manufacturer Part Number
LP1869 F
Reference OE/OEM Number
DELPHI: 23723, FORD: 1223682, FORD: 1321517, FORD:, 1360305, FORD: 136O3O5, FORD: 1508074, FORD:, 1519528, FORD: 1566093, FORD: 1566O93, FORD:, 15O8O74, FORD: 1695810, FORD: 169581O, FORD:, 1712024, FORD: 1712O24, FORD: 1753844, FORD:, 1797211, FORD: 1820037, FORD: 182OO37, FORD:, 3M512K021-AA, FORD: 3M512K021-AB, FORD:, 3M512K021AB, FORD: 3M512KO21-AA, FORD:, 3M512KO21-AB, FORD: 3M512KO21AB, FORD:, 3M5J2K021AA, FORD: 3M5J2KO21AA, FORD: AV612K021BB, FORD: AV612KO21BB, MAZDA: B3YF-33-23Z, MAZDA:, B3YH-332-3Z, MAZDA: BPKY-33-23Z, MAZDA:, BPKY-33-23ZA, MAZDA: BPYK-33-23Z, MAZDA:, BPYK-33-23ZA, VOLVO: 30681739, VOLVO: 30683554, VOLVO: 30715023, VOLVO: 30736923, VOLVO: 30742030, VOLVO: 30793618, VOLVO: 31341301, VOLVO: 313413O1, VOLVO: 3O681739, VOLVO: 3O683554, VOLVO: 3O715O23, VOLVO: 3O736923, VOLVO: 3O742O3O, VOLVO: 3O793618, A.B.S.: 37422, A.B.S.: 37422OE, APEC braking:, PAD1415, APEC braking: PAD1638, APEC braking:, PAD1821, ASHIKA: 50-03-300, ASHIKA: 50-03-349, ASHIKA: 5O-O3-349, ASHIKA: 5O-O3-3OO, ATE:, 13-0460-7193-2-02, ATE: 13-O46O-7193-2-O2, ATE:, 13.0460-7193.2, ATE: 13.O46O-7193.2, ATE: 23723, ATE: 607193, ATE: 6O7193, BENDIX: 573209B, BENDIX:, 5732O9B, BLUE PRINT: ADM54282, BOSCH: 0 986 424, 794, BOSCH: 0 986424 794, BOSCH: BP935, BOSCH: O, 986 424 794, BOSCH: O 986424 794, Brake, MINTEX: ,Brake Disc Disk Pads Axle Set
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"Over 130 different friction ingredients are used to create 20 unique formulations, helping to ensure each brake pad closely matches the vehicle application. 100% of pads in the Delphi range are fitted with under layer technology as well as OE noise fixes, such as chamfers and shims to eliminate squeal whilst maintaining driver comfort and performance."
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