Main Shell Bearings +1.0mm for VAUXHALL,MOVANO Mk I Combi,MOVANO Mk I Van

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Engine Bearing Type
Main Crankshaft Bearing
King Engine Bearings
Manufacturer Part Number
Reference OE/OEM Number
G9T 720,G9T 750,G9U 720,G9U 750,G9U 754,G9U 650,G9U 632,G9T 722, G9U 724,G9U 730,G9U 630,G8T 752,G8T 794,G8T 706,G8T 790,G8T 760, G8T 740,G9T 600,G9T 702,G9T 703,G9T 700,G9T 606,G9T 607,G9T 710, G9T 642,G8T 714,G8T 716,G9T 605,G9T 706,G9T 707,G9T 742,G9T 743, G9T 645,G9T 712,OPEL,4 433 312,4 506 005,RENAULT,7701472809, 7701477777,GLYCO,H1013/5 STD,Kolbenschmidt,77981600,MAHLE, 021 HS 20297 000,NPR,60-3808-00,SAHIN,AN 5290 LC, 1.0mm oversize\undersize,Main Shel Engine bearings,crankshaft, 1.0mm oversize\undersize replacement,Main Shell,Engine Bearings, crankshaft

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"Use engines info and vehicle YMM compatibility chart for general guide. Strictly important to provide VIN along with your detailed request since there can be different options for your car specific tech characteristics."
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