Fuel Tap Repair Kit Tourmax FCK-22

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Reference OE/OEM Number
CE09C SK42B 4KM EX250H CE08C CE05C KX250L CE03C KXMKCW, AM03W AH19W AM02W 4BC 3JM 37A AJ14W CB06W AJ06W CB03W 3ML, DE062 4NK DE054 CB08C CB10C CB09C DE052 DE051 CB07C CB05C, ZX750P ZX900B ZX750N RJ021 4VD RJ025 RJ022 ZX400L CG22W, CH01C LX300A AJ11W AJ20W ZX400H CE15C CE16C CE13C CE10C, VNT50D KXMK1V VP161 VP057 KXMK1T KX125L VP055 KXRKCW KXMK1S, 4CM 3LD CJ02W 3RG 3RH 3WM CH03C ZXT00B CH04W LX250E A31111, 4VR 3AJ 4XR VM022 VNT50GG VM025 VM032 VP081 VNT50GH VM036, RN041 RN042 RN011 RN012 RN066 RN061 RN068 RN064 RN141, CG18C CG14C CJ05C CJ06C CG10C CJ03C 3VD CG11W 4TX CJ01C 3HE, 4XM VP052 KXRK1T KXEK1V 4YP KXMK1R DE061 4SS KXRK1S KXRK1R, CG24W CJ04W CG27C 4SV CG16W CJ07W CJ09W CG25C CG21C CJ10C, AJ02W AH14W AG01W 4EM AB02W, CB01C 47G 4LB 4GT 3JS 3GG 3GD AH12W AG02W DG141 53V AH18W, DE011 CB04C DE055 5AN 4NL DE012 4EX 4DB 4GW CB02C AM01W 4FL, VM035 VP091 VM031 4PE 4JY VNT50A VE012 VE011 VM041 VG031, AJ03W AJ07W AE02W AH09W 4SH AH13W AH10W AH15W 3FA AJ08W
Manufacturer Part Number
Reference Number OE
Fuel Tap Fuel Tap Repair Kit, Petrol Tap Gasket

Item description

"Fuel tap repair kits. Just so we have the chance to do whatever it takes to make you happy."
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