Electric Motor,interior blower for OPEL,VAUXHALL ASTRA G Hatchback,F48,F08 NRF

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Reference OE/OEM Number
207400,VAUXHALL,VEMO,V40031124,WEBASTO,82D0545026A, Y 22 DTR,Z 14 XE,X 14 XE,X 20 XER,Y 20 DTH,X 20 DTH,Y 17 DT, OE REPLACEMENT,replacement, REPLACE, C 16 SEL,X 18 XE1,X 20 XEV,C 20 SEL,X 17 DTL,X 20 DTL,Y 20 DTL, Z 12 XE,Z 16 SE,Z 18 XE,Z 22 SE,Z 20 LET,Z 17 DTL,Z 16 XEP, PRASCO,S.I.D.A.T,TERMAL,402063M,THERMOTEC,DDX005TT,TOPRAN, MAXGEAR,570050,MEAT & DORIA,METZGER,0917130,NRF,34106,OPEL, 343495,LORO,0370220011,MAGNETI MARELLI,069412668010,69412668010, Z 14 XEP,Z 16 YNG,Z 18 XEL,AKS DASIS, A178352A,158015N, DELLO,011018450063A,DELPHI,TSP0545026,FISPA,92126,FRIGAIR, OL8639,BEHR HELLA SERVICE,8EW009157201,DAF,1845063,9117658, F48,F08,F35,F07,F69,F70,F67,G,X 12 XE,X 16 SZR,Z 16 XE,X 16 XEL, AUTOGAMMA,GA37006,AUTOMEGA,1018450063,AVA QUALITY COOLING, 05991135,GENERAL MOTORS,HELLA,HOFFER,K92126,KALE OTO RADYATOR
Manufacturer Part Number
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Item description

"Number of Fan Blades 39. Use engines info and vehicle YMM compatibility chart for general guide. Strictly important to provide VIN along with your detailed request since there can be different options for your car specific tech characteristics."
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