3 Mobile Phone Cases That Do More Than Just Hold Your Phone

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For extra features that do more than simply make your smartphone look good, check out these ingenious options.

Wallet Case

These flip-open covers are usually leather (or faux leather), with slots to keep your cards and cash safe. The design is similar to other men's wallets, except there's a space to slot in your mobile instead of spare change. Having your cash, cards, ID and gym membership in your phone case means you've got one less thing to pop in your pocket before leaving the house. Another bonus: If you're a social media addict (aren't we all?), you can fiddle with your phone while you wait for your coffee without worrying about leaving your wallet unattended. And if you love online shopping on the move, your card is right there when you need it most.

2. Shock Absorber

Tripping over is no laughing matter, especially when it means the screen of your £700 smartphone now resembles a Roman mosaic. If your phone is prone to slipping from your grip at the worst moments (hello, concrete pavement), a shock absorbing case is the right choice for you. These sturdy covers act like a motorcycle crash helmet for your mobile, absorbing the impact of a drop. It might sound odd, but the softer the material, the better it is at protecting your phone. Brittle materials like glass and hard plastic can shatter, which is why you need a mobile phone cover in the first place. If you're looking for a protective option, use search terms like 'silicone' and 'TPU', as these materials are some of the best at shock absorption.

3. Waterproof Covers

Some smartphones, like the Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, are already waterproof. For everything else, there are watertight cases. These help to protect against everyday splashes and spills as well as light submersion (so you don't need to worry about accidentally dunking your phone while you're checking your emails in the bath). Just think of all the brilliant holiday snaps you'll be able to get on your next beach holiday. Different cases give varying levels of protection, so make sure you read the small print before taking your phone snorkelling.