6 Accessories to Vamp Up Your Volkswagen

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6 Accessories to Vamp Up Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen cars have been around for many years, and their unique design and style have made them popular among car owners who value not only performance, but also style and class. Although they are no doubt pleasing cars to look at, car owners can always find some reason to personalise and vamp up their Volkswagen. Whether you are driving a Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, or Passat, there are various accessories you can buy to vamp up your ride.

Adding accessories to your Volkswagen is quite an easy task since there are many dealers and suppliers who sell various Volkswagen accessories and components. However, you can end up spending quite a bit on them if you do not choose wisely. Furthermore, instead of styling up your car, you would probably end up overdoing it and make your car look worse. Buying the right accessories for your Volkswagen is important if you want to attract the right attention and feel good driving your car. In order to buy the right accessories, an overview of the main types of accessories you can use to improve both the interior and exterior looks of your Volkswagen may help.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Volkswagen

No matter what Volkswagen you drive, you can probably find any accessory that you want for your car. However, it is always a good idea to do your shopping wisely, especially if you are on a budget. Before you shop for accessories to vamp up your Volkswagen, you should know that there are numerous kinds of accessories for the interior and exterior of the car. Some accessories are purely cosmetic upgrades, while others can extend the functionality and safety of your car.

1. Interior Styling Accessories

There are many interior styling accessories you can get for your Volkswagen that can greatly improve its looks. Plus, adding some of these accessories can give you something to look at and make your drives more fun. Some interior accessories you can find include aftermarket gear shift knobs, pedals, and floor mats.




Car pedals

Increase the sportiness of your car

Come in various styles: chrome, carbon fibre, and coloured

Gear shift knobs

Look and feel good to hold

Available in various materials and styles: leather, carbon fibre, luxury, sporty

Floor mats

Available for both front and back floors; look and feel better to the touch than stock mats

Different designs, colours, and materials


Can replace stock gauges or display extra information

Temperature, fuel, turbo, and pressure gauges

Racing seats

Bucket shaped seats; look stylish and provide better support for your back while driving

Come in various colours and styles

Steering wheels

Feel more comfortable to hold than stock ones

Sporty, classy, and other designs

The interior of your Volkswagen is your truly personal space since, since you obviously spend most of your time inside the vehicle while driving it. Therefore, it is only right for you to customise it as you see fit and deck your Volkswagen's interior with sporty, classy, or even colourful accessories. Besides the accessories mentioned in the table above, you can find various other accessories for the interior of your car, so make sure you look diligently until you find the ones you like.

2. Electronic Accessories

Besides buying interior styling accessories for your Volkswagen, you can also purchase electronic accessories to improve your driving experience. Not only that, these accessories can help your passengers to enjoy their rides with you, especially long ones. Some helpful electronic accessories you can get for your Volkswagen are a Bluetooth pairing adapter and a GPS navigation system.

Electronic Accessory


GPS navigation system

Gives you directions to the places you want to go

Bluetooth pairing adapter

Connects your mobile phone to your car; makes it easier to answer calls while driving and play music from your phone

DVD video monitor

Can play DVDs; passengers can watch a movie or TV show while you drive

Multimedia device adapter

Connects your media device, such as iPhone, iPod, or MP3 player, to your car so you can play music from your device

Electronic accessories such as a GPS navigation system and Bluetooth pairing adapter can be helpful especially if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel. They may even end up being necessities instead of extra accessories, depending on your needs. In general, these accessories help improve one's driving experience, so they are worth purchasing.

3. Body Kits

Body kits are great accessories to get if you want to upgrade the looks of your Volkswagen. After all, body kits can transform your car from a regular commuter vehicle to an aggressive, sporty car. Body kits come in many brands and styles, and it is up to you to choose what you want for your Volkswagen. You can either get a full body kit for your car or just get the individual parts. The most common body kit accessories you can buy are the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and also rear spoilers. However, if you truly want to vamp up your car, you can go all the way and get air scoops for your car's roof and bonnet or even change the bonnet with a sportier designed one.

4. Wheels Rims

Besides body kits, getting some new wheels rims for your Volkswagen can greatly improve its looks. Changing the wheels on their cars is almost always the first thing owners do to vamp up their cars, and that is because new wheels are easy to install and enhance the look of any car. Although the stock wheels on your Volkswagen may look good, you would need to get some aftermarket wheels if you really want your car to attract other's admiration. Just like body kits, wheels come in various designs and colours. You can purchase wheels in your favourite colour or in a colour that matches that of your car's body.

5. Transport Equipment

Volkswagen transport equipment is not only functional, but can also give your car personality. There are many kinds of equipment you can buy for your car including a multipurpose roof bar set, luggage net for your car boot, and also a load protector. With a roof bar set, you can tie almost anything you need onto the roof of your Volkswagen, but to carry items such as bicycles, kayaks, or ski sets, you can install extra accessories specific for them. Luggage nets and load protectors are also very helpful accessories as they can help secure any luggage in your boot and keep various items from sliding around and damaging the sides of the boot. With the right transport equipment, you can go on any vacation and bring all that you need with you.

6. Car Protection Accessories

Although body kits and the other accessories can make your Volkswagen look more stylish, it is a very good idea to get some car protection accessories to protect your Volkswagen from damage and ensure that it always looks attractive. Some great accessories you can buy are boot liners, boot sill guards, door entrance strips, and mud flaps . A boot liner is a special mat you place in the boot to protect its surface from scratches and dirt, while a boot sill guard attaches to the rear bumper of the car and protects it from damage when loading and unloading the boot.

Door entrance strips work just like a boot sill guard but are placed at the door sills instead of on the rear bumper of the car. You can often find boot sill guards and entrance strips in various styles including transparent, chrome, and coloured. Mud flaps are also important accessories, especially if you drive a lot on wet or muddy roads. They protect your car from water spray, stones, and dirt, allowing your car's paint to last longer and stay scratch-free.

Buying Accessories for Your Volkswagen on eBay

If you know what accessories you want for your Volkswagen, then finding the right ones on eBay is a very simple process. All you need to do is to use eBay's search feature by typing the appropriate keywords in the search bar on eBay's home page. You can search for ' Volkswagen floor mat' or any other suitable keywords. Remember that you should always make sure that the accessories you buy are compatible with your Volkswagen's model. Therefore, be sure to read the description provided and choose only the items you can use.

Besides looking at the item description, also read the price and shipping fee so you do not end up paying more than you want to. After selecting the accessory that you like, go through all the details such as the payment method, return policy, and product specifications. Also, be sure of the condition of the product as some products on eBay are used ones. Contact the seller with any questions before you purchase anything.


Every car owner wants their car to look good and feel good to drive, and while most people just clean their cars regularly and purchase some basic accessories, it is possible to get additional accessories for your Volkswagen and really vamp up its looks. Volkswagens are popular cars and, because of that, it is easy to find accessories for them. There are many kinds of accessories you can get for your car as long as you do enough searching. Some of the accessories you can buy are electronic accessories, interior styling accessories, and also transport equipment.

These accessories not only boost your Volkswagen's already good looks, but can also be functional. Transport equipment allow you to go anywhere you like with your necessary luggage, while car protection accessories protect your car from damages from road debris or the load you choose to place in your car's boot. To truly boost your car's good looks, you can install new body kits and wheels. No matter what kind of accessories you are looking for, you can easily find and buy them on eBay.

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