8 Dos and Donts When Buying a Mens Poncho

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8 Do's and Don'ts When Buying a Men's Poncho

There are many different types of men ' s ponchos, ranging from rain ponchos to fancy dress Mexican costumes. Plastic disposable men's rain ponchos are the most common and can be bought from most outdoor shops all over the country. For practical reasons, many people prefer wearing ponchos to using umbrellas during windy weather, at a rugby match, during open field concerts, or when hiking. Moreover, chamois ponchosare also used as changing towels while in gym locker rooms. Moreover, Mexican ponchos, needless to say, are a popular choice for fancy dress costume parties.

Men' ponchos are fast becoming a fashion statement in the UK and elsewhere. A staple in most Latin American men's wardrobes, ponchos are causing waves in European fashion after several celebrities were seen wearing them as stylish casual clothes. Less popular than other types of ponchos, those with innovative cuts and made from lightweight fabrics are used as elegant overcoats in some parts of the world. Since ponchos are still new to men's fashion, the following tips are aimed at helping the buyer choose the best kinds of ponchos and avoid uninspired choices.

Tip 1: Do get the basic rain poncho.

Any man should have a poncho that can protect him from rain when the umbrella is not a good choice, for example when going to an outdoor concert or when taking a walk on a windy coast. While a common disposable vinyl poncho is usually sufficient for the job, it is a good idea to get a higher-quality poncho made of a more durable and breathable fabric such as Gore-Tex.

While umbrellas and ponchos both provide protection from the rain, ponchos are still considered to be the better choice because they can provide greater coverage and can be worn during windy conditions. Moreover, ponchos are more convenient to use than umbrellas when the wearer needs to use both hands, such as when hiking or gardening. Furthermore, unlike regular raincoats, ponchos are less likely to cause the underlying layer of clothes to wrinkle. The poncho can easily be put on and taken off, turning it into a very suitable alternative to other types of rainwear.

Tip 2: Do choose the right length.

The poncho should neither be too long nor too short in relation to the wearer's height. Ponchos that are too long tend to make the wearer look shorter than he is. Meanwhile, those that are too short may make the legs look disproportionately long and large in relation to the upper body. Ideally, ponchos should be long enough to reach the hip or middle of the thighs, and wide enough to reach midway between the wrists and elbows when the arms are parallel to the ground. As a visual example, buyers may refer to the snapshots of traditional South American ponchos on the Internet, as these ponchos are usually of the right length and width for the model who is wearing them.

Tip 3: Do lean towards solid colours at first, then more complex designs later.

Monochromatic designs do a great job in adding volume to the wearer's torso, making him look bigger built and stronger. Moreover, plain-coloured ponchos are considered to be less daring than patterned ones, making them perfect to wear for those who are familiar with the rules of fashion. A simple white or black poncho is a good first choice, although men are also encouraged to eventually wear more adventurous colours such as dark blue, green, or burgundy.

Two ponchos of the same colour can have markedly different effects on the wearer, depending on the fabric used. More than just the colour, the texture of the fabric from which the poncho is made spells the difference between a fashion icon and a fashion victim. For example, wool ponchos look better on slim body types compared to woven cotton ponchos, as the former are better at adding volume to the upper body than the latter.

Tip 4: Don't buy extremely loud designs.

Western fancy dress ponchos are a common sight in dress costume parties, where the usual objective is to stand out no matter what. However, this is not necessarily true for casual ponchos. Ponchos for everyday wear should have minimalistic themes, as wearing a poncho already sends the message that the wearer is quite unique indeed. This is the same reason why monochromatic designs are the most popular ponchos worn by men today. Notable exceptions to this rule are graphic design ponchos worn during special events. But then, these ponchos are more often worn as a gesture of support for a certain person or group (e.g. the Manchester United Poncho), rather than a staple in a man's wardrobe collection.

Tip 5: Do go for ingenious, innovative cuts with lightweight fabrics.

Sometimes, the cut and the needlework of a poncho can do wonders in revolutionising the final product's appearance, even if the colours and the fabrics used are not extraordinary. For example, Korean cloak ponchos offer a refreshing tinge of Asian creativity to what would have been a purely South American piece. Moreover, wearing ponchos made from lightweight fabrics such as acrylic ponchos that drape gently onto the skin is a great way to accentuate and flatter the wearer's silhouette. The poncho can also benefit from having a hint of cotton or some other natural fibre to make the garment more breathable.

Tip 6: Vintage pieces are fine, but don't exaggerate.

Everyone can benefit from an occasional bit of history, which is why wearing vintage ponchos can be a good idea. Hippie ponchos can help their wearers exude a carefree, laid-back style. However, buyers should remember that, while this kind of poncho could be interesting, it is not as timeless as the suit and tie. Thus, extra precaution should be taken when selecting the poncho's style, such as asking for the opinion of a knowledgeable friend.

Tip 7: Don't wear a poncho when it is hot outside.

For decades, Peruvians have worn ponchos all year round, and for a good reason: these people live in the Andes so they need ample protection from the extreme cold. However, UK summers can be very hot at times, so wearing ponchos in the summer is not appropriate. More than just a fashion mistake, wearing a poncho in hot weather can be extremely uncomfortable. However, it not a bad idea to have a lightweight poncho made from a thin, breathable fabric ready, especially since the weather in the UK can change rapidly during the same day.

Tip 8: Don't try too hard to buy cool-looking ponchos.

The most common pitfall of those who are new to a particular kind of fashion is their tendency to look clearly uncomfortable and insecure about what they are wearing. This often happens to those who buy ponchos just for sake of being able to ride the fashion bandwagon, paying little attention to all the other items in the fashion rule book. Ponchos should follow all the common rules for styling clothing, with special attention to subtle elegance. This is the reason ponchos with outlandish prints are not recommended for casual wear.

How to Buy Men's Ponchos on eBay

eBay is one of the few places where men can find different kinds of ponchos that are especially designed for their demographic. To get a complete listing of all the available men's ponchos, you can simply use the search term 'men ' s poncho' in the search bar on eBay's home page. You may also add relevant keywords to the original search term in order to help you find the particular brand, size, colour, or design that you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a waterproof poncho, you can type in 'men's rain poncho' to get a list of waterproof ponchos for men.

Before proceeding to checkout, remember to carefully read the seller's returns policy so that you can return or exchange the item if you need to. If you have further enquiries regarding the product, you can contact the seller. Pay attention to product's details, in particular to the sizing and material from which the poncho is made of.


Ponchos are popular as rainwear, and having one of these ready is recommended for unpredictable weather. However, recent fashion trends suggest the emergence of men's ponchos as viable options for casual wear.

To avoid unflattering style choices, the buyer should consider several things when shopping for men's ponchos. A poncho should be of the right length and width in order to enhance the wearer's proportions and not overwhelm them. Plain and monochromatic designs are a good starting point, while more complex, patterned designs can be tried later on.

Ponchos are already exotic and interesting, and there is no need to go for attention-seeking designs. Instead, buyers should choose a poncho that features innovative cuts and uses lightweight materials. Men also have the option to wear vintage ponchos, although extra precaution should be taken to avoid looking too outlandish. Instead, one should go for a subtly elegant look that strikes a balance between modesty and boldness, and between fashion and function.

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